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Web Design 
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We design custom websites for small and medium businesses.  We also train our clients to update their sites on their own once we’ve finished the design.  This allows our clients to make changes to their website in a timely manner.  We provide hosting for each website we design, as well as email hosting and support.  Your website can be the most powerful selling tool for your company.  Make sure you choose a professional web designer who knows how to convert visitors into sales.
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Logo Design 
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A professional logo is the first step of creating a brand that will be remembered.  You know how important first impressions are, so make your logo count.  We will create you a logo design that looks professional, stands out in the crowd, and leaves a lasting impression on your potential customers.  Once we’ve finalized the logo design, we will provide you with all of the necessary formats of your logo so that you can use it for printing, embroidery, and even billboards.
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Graphic Design 
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Maybe you don’t need an entirely new website.  Well we can help you add some personality to your existing website by serving as your graphic designer.  We can design a new website header, or touch up some photos for your site.  We also design business cards, brochures, and other printed material.  It’s highly recommended that you have a seamless design across all of your advertising material, which means your website, business cards, and newsletters should all have the same design elements.  This really helps support your brand.
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